Day 359!!!!!

Next Friday I’ll be the mother of a one year old, handsome, intelligent little boy. I’m so excited, nervous, overwhelmed and simultaneously filled with a depth of love I’ve not known. 😍

Becoming a mother has changed me in unimaginable ways. The way I love has grown exponentially. I have a new level of empathy. My patience is being stretched for better. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love.❤️

Don’t get me wrong, my life changed for the better when I married my husband. My love changed at that time as well. However, there is something about carrying and birthing a child that opens your heart in ways nothing else can. I’m trying my best to put this in words though none seem descriptive enough.☺️

As I prepare for my son to turn a year old, all I can do reminisce on the journey of getting him here. After miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, fibroids, imbalanced hormones and specialists telling me how hard conception would be…Austin is here. Healthy as can be. More beautiful than I’d hoped. Intelligent as any parent could ask. My miracle child is here.😍

I pray I continue to grow, evolve and love in ways I could only dream. He’s the light of my life. God has blessed me immeasurably. For that, I am grateful.

Until the next time….

Published by Alishia Jeanette

Hi! I love all things healing. Words are powerful. Let's use them for good!

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