Motherhood Changes Things…

In SO many ways!! Today, I’ll keep it brief.

I found out I was pregnant in April 2018😊

After years of being told conception would be difficult, it happened. After being told carrying would be risky, I had an amazing pregnancy. After being told delivery could kill me, we both made it through safely.

Now we’re here.🥰 Almost 13 months into motherhood with forever to go. I’ve learned so much already. I’ve developed a level of patience I couldn’t have imagined. AJ’s blessed me with grace I’d not known. The strength I’ve had now has a fiery intensity.💪🏼

The process of becoming a mom has taught me even more about life. Everything happens at an appointed time. Never early. Never late. At an exact time. Motherhood is teaching me to love the process and focus less on the destination. This is a journey and I can enjoy all of it. So can you.💯

Published by Alishia Jeanette

Hi! I love all things healing. Words are powerful. Let's use them for good!

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