It’s Our 5-Monthiversary!!

A day late….but I’m sticking to this, lol!

It’s our 5-monthiversary…

We’re still learning lots about ourselves and each other. Listen, idk how some of y’all lived with your gf/bf for years…this is rough! LOL! I am not at all used to sharing space and hubby is quite the opposite. I did not have the traditional college experience so I never lived in a dorm/campus apartment with other people. He did. I had one roommate at 18 and we almost lost our friendship. Hubby lived with his boys for years. I had ONE live in boyfriend when I was 19…that lasted until I was 20 (and no, it wasn’t a full year)! When my husband falls asleep it pretty much takes an explosion to wake him. When I fall asleep, he can breathe hard and I’ll wake! Lol! Needless to say, we are still adjusting! Sometimes it,s cool, other times not so much. And before anyone tries to psycho-analyze this post, don’t! Lol! I share. Good and bad. Right and wrong. I’m also a realist and my husband is fully aware (it’s ONE of the reasons he loves me, lol)! This is not a vent or rant. I’m sharing our first year of marriage journey. The experiences aren’t all smiles, contrary to popular belief. We aren’t always kissing, hugging, sexing or any other touchy-feely thing you see or read. We are living real life and it comes with highs and lows. Some of these updates will be super cute. Others will talk about struggles. Either way, it’s real, it’s us. So, until the next time….
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