It’s Our 8 Monthi-versary!!

🚨Long post alert! (Sorry, sort of. Lol!)🚨
We’re getting close to our first anniversary! It’s exciting, scary and trying at times. This month was our most difficult so far. I know. I’m not supposed to say that. I’m supposed to talk about how we never argue, how life is grand, how we’re soulmates and madly in love. Because that’s what you do right? Suffer in silence and keep up appearances. Well, not here. If that’s what you want move along. We vowed we’d be honest and transparent chronicling our first year. So here’s the real…..
We both wanted out at some point this past month. We both decided one day that going on would be too difficult and it’s easier to cut losses sooner than later. Being that we both come from backgrounds of quitting when things get tough that seemed like the most logical decision. After all the emotions subsided we actually communicated. We talked about the promises we made to each other that we forgot in this short time and decided to keep going. Sometimes you have to remember why you go started. Draw from that happy place and move forward. That simple. I’ll be glad when my husband shares as much as I do for two reasons: 1) he has so much wisdom to share. His quiet strength is amazing. 2.) so that some of y’all can stop trying to guess what’s up since I do all the talking. Lol! 
If your marriage is in a dry place just remember why you got started. Those reasons were enough to decide to marry, they’re still enough to keep moving. Don’t suffer silently or alone. Secrets have done nothing but imprisoned us. Break free, out loud! Until the next time….
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